I strive for a healthy work-life balance through creativity, exploration, and friends. Whether camping, SCUBA diving, snow boarding, or backpacking – I get out in nature often. I also deeply enjoy studying culture, hosting events, and creating new experiences. The following are some ways I relax and escape.


As a DJ I've always pushed myself to explore new sounds from the hottest EDM music to 60's African Highlife. I remember recording mix tapes in my parent's closet when I was 8. At 14 I was DJing for our high school dances and house parties. I started throwing raves at 16 and then built a pirate radio station in high school and college. Once I moved to San Francisco, I started DJing clubs and company parties. Some DJ highlights include playing at the Cal Academy of Sciences: Nightlife, Live 105's BFD at Shoreline Amphitheater with Snoop Dogg and The Strokes, 2010 Twitter holiday party, and a 2012 Vogue fashion show in Baja Mexico.

Electronic stage of Live 105's BFD at Shoreline Amphitheater in 2011.

Lately I started a new DJ moniker, Pool Simon, focusing on a vibe inspired by sunny days at the beach, poolside lounging, and laidback summer parties with influences from Todd Terje, King Sunny Ade, Paul Simon, Quantic, and Flight Facilities.

DJKidhack.com  ⁄  PoolSimon.com  ⁄  DJDAMN.com

Food & Mixology

I remember watching my father cook as a child and I’ve always enjoyed the art and skill of cooking and hosting. I would also watch Yan Can Cook on KQED and feverishly write down recipes to try. I was captivated by the craft of cooking but also the art of balancing flavors and presentation.

Miso cod, rib eyes, lamb chops, wings and "wedge" salad, fish soup, little gem salad.

Now I embrace the challenge of combining new, seasonal, and unusual ingredients to find the balance and harmony within. You may find me foraging for mushrooms in Sonoma county or tasting Calvados in Normandy or spearfishing off the coast of Baja.

Foraged chanterelle infused vodka, sichuan oil, coconut-matcha infused bourbon.

Mixing cocktails has been a way of cooking on a much smaller scale. A form of hosting that allows for personal expression through combining exotic and familiar ingredients to one's whimsy. I love the idea that elements of the presentation also enhance the flavor and experience.

Hotel Delmano's Gentle Julep, bacon bloody mary, lavender infused Bee's Knees, Legend of the Fall, Matcha infused highball, botanical G&T.


We call our home “The Wardian” named after the Wardian Case (a small portable greenhouse) as we have over 50 plants inside. Some specimens include makrut lime, yuzu, meyer lemon, a carnivorous bog, dawn redwoods, a 15-foot fiddle leaf fig, assorted orchids, and many herbs for cooking. 

Fiddle leaf fig, a makrut lime, fiddle leaf fig propagating, assorted bamboo, cilantro sprouts, moss.

Scuba Diving

My father got me scuba certified when I was 14 in Big Pine Key, Florida and I have been entranced by diving every since. It's like an alien world under the water with a vast array of life to explore. From tiny microcosms on a reef system to the larger animals of the deep blue, there's a whole world down there!

Aerial Photography

Capturing moments through drawing, photography, and videography has always been a creative outlet of mine. I plunged headlong into drone flying in 2017 and have been delighted by the exciting perspectives and moments I’ve been able to capture. Overall it’s resulted in some fun adventures.  


Thanks for taking the time to explore my portfolio. Get in touch or find me across the internet.

Alexander Berkeley Lambert